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How it works


Create spectacular photos at your event and generate leads easliy.

The hostesses use tablets running the Quargo Event application, so they are really mobile at your event. They create photos with your guest where they can mix reality with the fictional with the help of Augmented Reality. Your branded design is merged to the photos, so you don’t need any photo editing program to put your logo to them. After the guest sees the photos, it’s offered to them through e-mail, and of course they get it right from the event with your marketing message included in the e-mail!


Quargo has 2 parts: the FREE app (available for iPad) and the online Administration site.

The app is where the magic happens, the Admin site is where you can upload your graphics which will appear in the app.



First download the free app and try the demo, so you will immediately see how easy to create branded photos, or play around with virtual objects in Augmented Reality. You will need these Augmented Reality markers.(LINK)

So Now that you are familiar with the app, it’s time to see your own graphics in it!

Register here, it’s FREE! (LINK)

Upload your menu, branded frame, virtual objects in the Admin site, and log in on your iPad, so you can synchronize the app with the server.

Now you will see all your uploaded materials in the application.

It’s time for presentation! Now you can show the working application to your client or you can visit your event and start to make the photos.

After you capture a photo of your guest, we are very sure they would love to get it by e-mail, or post it to Facebook. So do not hesitate to give them what they want.

It is now the time that you need credits. So before you go to the event do not forget to buy credits to be able send or post from the application.

You will pay after every share, so it means you pay only after your real reach. Don’t forget: The more credits you buy, the cheaper it gets!