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Stabilo Event at University Hall

It was a short event, where Hostesses could walk around with the tablets in hand
in the University and could create some funny Halloween photos boosted up
with branded Stabilo graphics.


Police parfume – Image Campaign

The main goal was to create unforgettable photos for the  young guests.
Police Parfume was looking for the Queen and King of the night.

DoQ TV - Image Campaign

Countrywide image campaign. DoQ TV was promoting its Reality show where they were looking for
the “Bravest Undergraduate”. In the photos they could pose with dangerous animals and situations
to prove that they are really “brave”.

Playboy fragrances campaign - Balaton Sound Music Festival

Brand awareness and lead generation at the same time. At the festival the guests could create
photos with virtual playboy graphics. The people enjoyed it so much
that there was a queue for the service all day long.

Durex Promotion - EFOTT Sound Festival

Main goal was brand awareness building. This festival is the biggest music festival for undergraduates
and they loved the funny photos which were created with Quargo.