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App features

Branded photo on the spot
You don’t need photoshop or any postproduction to merge your photos with your logo or graphic layout. Quargo app does it all for you. You just need to upload your portrait and landscape layouts and these graphics will automatically appear on the photos.

Augmented Reality
Virtual objects can appear in reality. You can hand over your products even if they are not there in reality.

Changeable menu design
You want to use the application with a display? You can change the menu header and bottom to your Corporate image, so your guests will see it as it is your own application.

Green and blue-screen options
Place your visitor into a different world! you can put not only virtual objects to your photos, but you can change the background behind your guest too if you use green or blue screen. Upload the desired background and voila your guest is already there.

Share your photos
By e-mail, facebook or by printing it out, it’s only a click for you.

Your guests will be happy to give you their e-mail addresses, if you promise to send them the photo. And for sure, they will open that e-mail. (Legal copy can be uploaded at Admin site, so all agreements are done by rights.)

If you want to put a special marketing message into your email, copy and paste it at the admin site and all your emails will contain it.

All your project data can be found at the admin site so you can check how your event worked.